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LA Times

Opinion: My life after meth

Some days, even with years of sobriety, you have to go back to basics. Open the curtains, look out the window, listen to the birds, make a cup of coffee.

Huff Post 

Was Addicted To Meth For 7 Years And No One Had Any Idea 

I always made sure to look the part of a smart, together, confident young woman. ... People who wear glasses and pantyhose don’t do meth, right?


Summer with Ricardo in Echo Park

Under the Echo Park summer sun, brown and pale longhaired beauties dress in hand-me-downs from one to the other. Slender hands with amber and turquoise rings pick through heaps of clothes in the courtyard. 

Lickerish Library

Pas de Trois

I’ve had three threesomes. The first was in high school. I had spent the night at my best friend Elle’s house. We had just come in from the rain and were in her room stripping off our wet clothes.


Weight Watchers, Meth, Adderall & Lipo: The Tragice Lengths I Went To Be Thin

Even at my skinniest, I was so very unhappy.

What Life Is Really Like As A Chicago Call Girl

Before one paid me $2,000 — to stop.

I Was A Jenny Craig Dietician (Who Secretly Ate Donuts In The Bathroom)

I look back on those years and feel compassion for the young woman I was. I am sitting in the bathroom on the toilet seat at Jenny Craig eating a Dunkin’ Donuts maple glazed bear claw.

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