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“The title of this affecting memoir refers to the author’s work as a stripper and sex worker, but it also functions as a description of her elegant prose, which is stripped of all sensationalism and demands for pity.”


Readers Favorite 

“If ever a story and its author were worthy of the accolades it has received, it’s the memoir Strip by Hannah Sward.”

Readers’ Choice Book Award Finalist

“Sward’s story is heartbreaking. Her journey is inspiring.”

The Three Tomatoes Book Pick 

by Francene Katzen

Strip is an unbelievably beautiful memoir. Hannah Sward is so honest and raw in telling her story. She will have the reader laughing and crying all within a few pages of each other. An incredible story of hope and resilience.”

Literate Matters: 

by Glen Young

Sward's memoir details climb through abuse and addiction toward hope.

In Her Debut Memoir STRIP Hannah Sward Bares More Soul Than Skin:

by Melody Greenfield 

Hannah Sward, STRIP 

by Paul Eberly

“Hannah Sward’s Strip is fearless, unstintingly honest, and rendered in English that’s less lyrical than conversational—language employed by real people divulging real, and oft painful, things. So should Strip be on your reading list? Oh, hell yes.”

Keys to Recovery Newspaper

By editor-in-chief Jeannie Marshal

“Hannah starts her memoir with a heartbreaking paragraph in “Part One: Childhood.” As soon as I read those first few pages I was hooked.”

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