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Life of Jem: Writing the Hard Stories with Hannah Sward


Crystal Meth! Sex Work! Trauma! Loneliness! Recovery! 

“We are joined by Hannah Sward, the author of the super beautiful and still seriously debaucherous new memoir - STRIP!”

The Only One in The Room 

“Best-selling author and essayist, Hannah Sward, found herself drinking in drug store bathrooms before therapy sessions, and doing methamphetamines to stay skinny.’

Inside Mental Health Podcast 

Hannah Sward’s new memoir, STRIP, details her journey with addiction, her life experiences, and her time as a sex worker. 

Chasing Heroine

In this episode we talk about...Meth, Carrots, and Foot Fetish Dominatrix(es).


Judging Meghan

“In this episode I share about having been kidnapped by a stranger in a park when I was six, being told he’d kill me if I ever said a word to anyone, and how that informed my decisions and sense of self.


Stereo Embers/Bombshell Radio

“Harrowing, moving and written with authorial finesse and undeniable narrative velocity, Strip is one of the best books of the year.”

The Drunkalogues

"I loved this conversation. It’s raw and direct and vulnerable without a hint of self-pity. Hannah Sward has a new book out now called STRIP."

Drinks with Tony

"Are life’s tragedies actually spiritual opportunities?"

One Day At A Time
Hannah Sward, Author of "Strip": A memoir on the depths of addiction and finding freedom and purpose in recovery. 

The Payoff with Pete​

“Feel the sunlight of the spirit shine through Hannah in this funny, interesting, and inspiring conversation.”



Wake-Up Mental Health Matters

"Hannah Sward's knack for poignant wordsmithing comes to life in her newly-published memoir Strip."

This Pink Cloud

Sex work, Crystal Meth, and Recovery.

The Creative Sober

"Hannah Sward shares about the balance between her sobriety of 13 years and the success of her book."

With Respect

"From a troubled youth to a series of bad choices, the author leads the reader through her life to growing peace."

From The Depths of Darkness to The Light of Success

"In this episode, we dive deep into the riveting memoir that has been making waves since its release."

The Truth About Addiction

"Acclaimed author Hannah Sward on Stripping and Meth."

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