My Journey to Self-Respect: How I Found the Strength to Give Up Sugar Daddies

When I first got sober, I had two sugar daddies. A wealthy financial analyst and a purse sales man. Both at least twenty years older.


My Healing Circle: How Sharing in Women’s Groups Has Opened Up My Life

From supermodels to law students to stay-at-home moms—I’ve learned that bonding over feelings of self-hatred and being "oh, so terribly alone" can lead to healing and even laughter.


The Crazy Whack-A-Mole of Addiction

I wasn’t just addicted to alcohol and drugs. In sobriety, the issue's popped up in everything from Tinder to carrots. 


How I Went From Being Inauthentic in a Relationship to Being Authentic —And How That Set Me Free

When I met Ricardo, he didn’t even seem to know that I was an addict. And it took me years to face the truth about myself. I never would have thought that by sharing the truth it would give the freedom to explore who I really am.