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Chloe's Two Night Stand

Chloe was thinking about what her sex life would look like on paper, if she were to die tomorrow.

Love, Russian Style

I haven’t had a date in months. Tonight I’m finally going out with Dimitri, the buff Russian with bad teeth.  He spotted me at the gym this morning. In the middle of his sweaty, mad run on the treadmill he came to an abrupt stop and approached me.
“What are you doing tonight?” he asked, cornering me up against the leg machine.

Larry's Laugh & Leather Thong

Larry was kind of a bad guy. He had gotten in some trouble with the law when he was younger. I liked him. I met him when I was eighteen at Toronto Fashion Week. He was twenty-eight. I was on the security team and Larry was too.

An Affair with Mr. Ordinary

I had been looking for a lover for over a year. It was harder to find one than I expected. It probably had something to do with me having a boyfriend, Dirk, who I lived with and couldn’t imagine leaving. I didn’t want to leave; I was in love with him. But I was jealous. And I needed more sex.