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Meditating on Meth

Trying to sit with myself, high or not, was unbearable. The feelings that came up were the reason I used. For years I had been running from myself.

Lying, Pills, and Dirty Chips

“Today I have something to say. I’ve been lying the whole time.” His voice lowered to almost a whisper, “I’ve been taking pills the whole time and keeping it a secret.”

How I Turned Orange in Sobriety

With sobriety, my fear of getting fat was back.

How I Told My Boyfriend I Cheated on Him

When he’d fall asleep I’d go to the Murphy bed walk in closet, crouch down, reach my hand into the pocket of my red raincoat and take out a white baggie of crystals. Crush. Snort, snort


Drunk on Stealing

Every time I wanted to steal I’d think of that lady putting a steak in her purse.


Meth at the Yoga Studio: Making Amends

“I am not here to make excuses for my behavior, but I wanted to be honest with you and own up to what I did.”


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Love Isn't About One Person Being Obsessed — It Has To Be A Mutual Obsession

Sometimes a first date is painful for everyone.  When we talk about unrequited love, it's usually referring to a crush on someone you can't have.


I Was A Jenny Craig Dietician (Who Secretly Ate Donuts In The Bathroom)

I look back on those years and feel compassion for the young woman I was. I am sitting in the bathroom on the toilet seat at Jenny Craig eating a Dunkin’ Donuts maple glazed bear claw.